Informations about the FRACK FREE Network

Beroun Challenge 2013
On the 7th of March 2013, representatives and members of groups opposed to the method of fracking (defined below) from 11 European countries, South Africa and USA agreed on the creation of a global network whose purpose is to realise a frack-free world via:
- Uniting for a frack-free world
- Sharing and promotion of information and expertise
- Branding fracking as ecocide
- Branding fracking as human rights violations
- Coordinating actions
- Inviting other countries, individuals, groups and organisations to join the global network
We believe that the only meaningful way forward is to use safer, renewable and cleaner energy sources.
Representatives from Russia, Hungary and India expressed their willingness to join the network.
We understand fracking as follows:
The technology of hydraulic fracturing / rupture / or any other technology which forces water or a mixture of fluids (or gels or liquefied gas), or chemical additives and / or fluid, mechanical and / or organic fillers in drilling wells causing the creation of new formation and / or expansion of existing natural cracks or fissure systems in all sedimentary formations, including coal seams for exploration and production of oil and natural gas.
Non-taxative examples of application of this technology include: unconventional gas extraction, shale gas, tight gas, shale oil, tight oil, CBM, etc…
We regard fracking as all the processes of exploration and exploitation including all related activities and impacts from seismic testing to after the wells are plugged.
We come together for one goal: a global ban on fracking.
A frack free global alliance has been established by several attending countries.
As outlined in presentations today from experts, it is irresponsible to use such a technology.
The threat to poison our most basic resource, water, soil, air, and health is not acceptable.
We are planning a global day of action on the 22nd of March, the World Water Day.
The conference was attended by the following politicians and scientists: Ing. Šárka Endrlová, MVDr. Josef Řihák, RNDr. Pavel Poc, MUDr. Jiří Maštálka, Jiří Oberfalzer, Ing. Petr Pakosta, asistentka Thdr. Kateřiny Klasnové, RNDr. Martin Bursík, Ing. Helena Králová, CSc, Doc. RNDr. Oldřich Fatka, CSc.


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